Friday, April 29, 2011

GPW - On being "postable"

The other day, while fully enjoying Inquisition week over at The Living Doorway, an interesting accusation was projected in the wrong direction.  Although the incident was properly responded to here, the question of posturing and falseness has remained on my mind since. Obviously, Shelby is not a poser. I’ve seen him up close (camo shorts, pony tail, High Life tattoos, lets just say he’s not signing to Century Media anytime soon). But, what lingered is the idea that sometimes we as bloggers are compelled to post things based on a criteria that uses something other than quality as a measuring stick, a criteria which uses rarity and trueness to determine whether or not something is postable.  Now im not accusing any particular blogger of posting records they’re not crazy about, I’m simply acknowledging an impulse which I believe exists amongst bloggers, perpetuated by a need for social dominance. Is it possible that posting obscure records has become too competitive? Is it possible that even the true catch themselves posing?

even when Shelby talks about his excitement for the new Weezer album, he does not pose

So since it’s GPW, here’s Urfaust’s Verräterischer, Nichtswürdiger Geist, a record too postable not to post, and posting it is my guilty pleasure. No mention of this odd black metal two piece on IC, TLD, ANW, Cosmic Hearse or any of the other big blogs so it looks like the victory is mine. But not so fast. Once an obscure record is deemed postable enough to post, it's time for the commenters to jockey for status by proclaiming that they had already arrived, waiting for the world to catch up. "I have this on invisible vinyl" "I met these guys once, we're best friends" "I was more into these dudes before they bought instruments".


Classical bow chugging sections, bizarre vocals, difficult German song titles, a back catalogue of rare EPs, and to top it all off it was gifted to me by king bro Farron Loathing. Sure, this album is totally good, but what makes me feel guilty about it is that all I really wanted to post was this:



Erik Del Tigre said...

Holy shit, a bear and a cub!

Max said...

I LOVE KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(This record is amazing too.)