Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guilty pleasures week - Bloodler

On the right you will find the profile picture of longtime IllCon Bro Bloodler. I think that picture's pretty funny.
I also think Bloodler is a pretty cool guy.
He wanted to contribute something shameful for Guilty Pleasures Week. How could I say no?

- Cobras

Whatsup illcon brethren, I present to you one of my favorite guilty pleasures. the often Hessian shunned Katatonia. These guys hail from Sweden of course and if your not familiar play a very relaxing style i would describe as i dont know soft rock?? fuck it. they rule though and I like all their albums, but this is the album that started my katatonia addiction.

maybe can summarize Katatonia more accurately :

''Some people believe this band has some answers. I think it's predictable rock and roll dressed up like tripped out, keyboard enhanced black metal. It's gimmick rock with no lasting artistic or musical contributions, in my humble opinion, but a lot of people lap this stuff up like it's rare.''

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