Saturday, April 23, 2011


That Deathrow post yesterday got me thinking about awesome albums disguised in horrendous album covers, and reminded me of the Nagel-meets-Interview With The Vampire abomination that graces the cover of Ablaze My Sorrow's full-length debut If Emotions Still Burn.
Let's not kid ourselves here: "Ablaze My Sorrow" is an awful name for a band, and no REAL metal album should have the word "emotions" in the title. This much I'm sure we can all agree on. But if you are willing to suspend your disbelief for a moment, there is actually a rather tasty little melodic Swedish black/death album tucked away inside, and despite a couple ill-placed bouts of clean singing and sloppy playing, AMS prove themselves a ferocious and engaging beast on all counts. Add in the fact that most of these Scandinavian shredders were 14-16 years old at the time this album was released, and you've got yourself a strangely satisfying little chunk of Swedeath curios.

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LOL at guy on left rocking Ablaze My Sorrow shirt.



Mister Booze said...

Based on the cover art, album name, and band title, I expected the music to be like this:

Aegipan said...

I remember seeing this in a friend's collection, and due to the cover artwork, I immediately was drawn to it (I have an innate interest to listen to anything Necrolord has had a hand in producing) but for some odd reason I never got the chance to listen to it. Perhaps it was the onset of beer consumption and the eventual belligerence that proceeded afterward? Thanks for the post!

Alex_P said...

With a name that fucking emo, I knew that it was a Swedish meloblack album from the 1990s. Only two kinds of bands have names that ball-deprived: unironic Emo bands and adolescent meloblack bands. Illcon tends to post predominantly in only one of these genres.

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

I don't believe you.