Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Earlier today, JGD spoke a bit about the effects of domestic partnership on daily death metal intake, and how living with one of the fairer sex will often cause even the most most hardened of Hessians to find him (or her)self occasionally listening to Duran Duran or Nelly on the regular. No big deal. It happens.
I concur fully with JGD's thoughts on the matter. I too have fashioned "compromise mixes" for my girl and I to enjoy together on long car rides, and as a result, I think we've both turned each other on to some sweet jams we might not have ever inspected otherwise. I've given her Deep Purple and Dethklok, and she's given me... Well, she's given me today's featured artist, among others.
Don't get me wrong: my girl is metal as fuck. She shamed me in the pit at Amon Amarth last Friday, morphing into a flurry of hair and limbs as I struggled to find a safe spot where I wouldn't spill my Diet Coke. Homegirl has a boner for double-bass and lyrics about Vikings, but our taste in tunes tends to diverge just as often as it coalesces.
Enough pontification, though. If I had to choose one girlfriend-inspired musical revelation that towered above all others in overall significance, it would have to be the 2005 debut album from some chick named Mathangi Arulpragasam. This shit goes against every musical instinct and fiber of my being, but it still kicks all kinds of ass, and makes me a little giddy every time I hear it. Dance music? Yep, it sure is. But like the Smoking Crab says, DEAL WITH IT.
Sorry. I promise to post some generic Swedish death metal or something tomorrow.

மாதங்கி 'மாயா' அருள்பிரகாசம்

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(WTF censored lyrics on the "Ain't that you with the Mus-i-lims" part?)


Roger Camden said...

shoot spit out the window

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

MIA ain't so bad, it's not like it's fuckin' Ke$ha or something!

Aylmer said...

When I met my girl she had uncannily similar taste to mine. When she told me on our first date that her favourite band was Victims Family it was love love love baby.

But over the years her tastes have shifted and now she only seems to listen to the kinks, the flamin' groovies and badfinger and I don't relate so well to that stuff. She did get me into the gorillaz who I quite like though.

The Unheard said...

M.I.A. is pretty good stuff. My girl thinks she's alright but she doesn't like Paper Planes because of the gunshots. Yeah, she is NOT metal.

JGD said...

I..uh, kinda like this a lot. dl'ing.

other compromise music we listen to a lot:
-Neutral Milk Hotel
-Joanna Newsom
-The Flaming Lips
-Johnny Cash

SEANFORD said...

i used to have a girlfriends. then i decided to live alone so i never had to turn off inquisition.

Shelby Cobras said...

I like how you said "A girlfriendS". Nice use of faux-accidental ambiguity.

Seriously, JGD. FUCKING UNCANNY. My girl used to have a small stack of CD's in her old Honda Accord, and in said small stack you could definitely find a least one each of Newsom (can't stand her), Neutral Milk Hotel (can't stand them), and Johnny Cash (burnt out on him about 10 years ago). I'm not sure if she also had full CD's of the Lips and CCR, but they were definitely all over our "compromise mixes" (I FUCKING LOVE CCR and will happily tolerate anything from Coyne & Co up to and including Transmissions From The Sattelite Heart).


Roger Camden said...

CCR is the most common of all denominators regarding taste in music.
If you don't like Creedence, then I don't like you.

Jason said...

I'm getting married to a non-Hessian. I sit around and passive-aggressively listen to Craft (on headphones) while she watches/listens to Glee.

Jess Sane said...

George W Bush likes Creedence.