Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Plenty of Illogical lip-service has been bestowed upon the mighty Born Against in the past (see THIS and THIS), but I must once again stress the importance this band has held in my own personal musical development, the enduring enjoyment I derive from their music, and the degree to which they have been unjustly ignored by the "music cogniscenti" (probably a good thing, to be quite frank). Born Against were, quite simply, purveyors of excellent music, purposefully stupid and sloppy at times, but always possessing an underlying vibe of humor and intelligence, a sense of irony and angst through all the in-jokes and buffoonery (see: "Lillian").
There is no higher recommendation for a band (in my mind, at least) than saying it sprang from the same creative force that also spawned Men's Recovery Project, but it can also be a misleading statement, as the two sound nothing alike. But whatever. Either you know and love Born Against already or you've slept on one of the finest hardcore bands of all time, period. If you are part of the latter group, Shit And Failure is a great place to start--a semi-comprehensive collection of B.A. tracks from compilations, splits, and radio appearances that will make you laugh, think, and shit your pants simultaneously.

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The Loom of Ruin