Monday, April 4, 2011


Roky Erikson. Daniel Johnston. The Meat Puppets. The Butthole Surfers (kinda). Dangerous Toys. Christopher Cross. Austin, Texas has produced its share of famous musicians, but by far the most well-known and prolific are the three-piece black metal band known collectively as AVERSE SEFIRA. The group explains itself thusly:
"In the Q'uaballah there are twenty angels emanating out of the right and left hand of god. They are the Sefiroth. Sefira is the singular of this word, and an Averse Sefira would be one such of the unholy. We have taken these angels and extrapolated them as narrative vehicles for our tales of mythic irony." Duh.
Taking a cue or two from the Angelcorpse playbook of pure blasting insanity, Averse Sefira dick around very little and shred balls alot, only relenting for the odd ambient interlude (these interludes are most often composed by guest musician The Lady of the Evening Faces, whose atonal, synth-and-keyboard-less drone pieces invoke Penderecki and Pärt--leading to some of the band's most memorable moments). The vortex of utter annihilation known as Homecoming's March was Sefira's first full-length effort, although the band has released a couple excellent albums in the last 5 or 6 years as well (see: 2005's Tetragrammatical Astygmata and 2008's Advent Parallax). These Bros are obviously tuned into some dark, creepy, spacey shit, and deserve your attention immediately.

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Averse Sefira: super chill bros.


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wolfspider said...

The Meat Puppets are from Arizona. Christopher Cross is from San Antonio-- I only know that 'cause my mom went to high school with him. But, yeah, Austin has produced some really inspired eccentrics over the years. And Averse Sefira are great, as is this album. Battle's Clarion is worth checking out too.