Tuesday, May 25, 2010


And for this Lunch Lady, School's out forever. Ahhh, Summer. My favorite time of year. I do believe it's about time to throw on that Budweiser bikini, grab a 40 oz beer koozie, and pour a bottle of vodka into a watermelon and then turn it into a bong.

(Killing two birds with one stoned, wait...huh?)

It's time to get wild in the woods kids. I think the whole IC crew is due for a sweet vacation, although it would probably end up looking something like this:

Anyways, if you're stuck in traffic coming home from your lame-ass job, staring at the asshole in front of you with his trucker balls dangling, your radiator overheating, your crotch is all sweaty, and your just fuckin over it, stick in this sweet jam mix (dedicated to country hikes, getting high, jumping in a river, sitting in a tree, and making epic fires) and imagine you are here:

(Raging River of Fear-Big Sur, 2010)

If you're a regular around these parts, most likely you have at least half of these (as they are all part of my RFL list-REQUIRED FUCKING LISTENING), but in case you don't here are the links/posts to most of the albums for download. If there's a particular one that doesn't have a link and you want it, I'll upload it for you. Major bro move right there. Yep. Now in no particular order:

SCHOOL'S OUT-a true tale of a raging camping trip.

1. Weed-Sweet Morning Light (Ken Hensley goes to Germany and cheats on Uriah Heep)
2.Budgie-Whiskey River
3.Blues Creation-Mississippi Mountain Blues (love these Japanese trippers)
4.Flower Travelin' Band-Unaware (these ones too)
5.Black Mountain-Druganaut
6.Possessed-Climb the Wooden Hills (everything on this post is REQUIRED)
7.The Young Flowers-Overture (what is it with Swedes and being so rad?)
8.Cain-Born On A Wind (To a Limey)
9.Blues Creation-One Summer Day
10.Captain Beyond-Raging River of Fear
11.Atomic Rooster-Head in the Sky
12.Orang-Utan- Country Hike
13.Leaf Hound- Growers of Mushrooms
14.Sir Lord Baltimore-Lady of Fire (Excuse me, Sir; is this song about me??nah-narcissist.)
15.Alice Cooper- Teenage Lament
16.Iron Butterfly-Termination
17.Asterix-If I Could Fly
18.Art-Think I'm Going Weird (pre-Spooky Tooth project, pretty rad)
19.Arthur Brown-Fire (REQUIRED)
20.Socrates Drank the Conium-Naked Trees
21.Thin Lizzy-Old Moon Madness

Now, if you'll pardon me; it's about time to make invisible citrus in front of the fire, rip off clothes, carve a pentagram into my chest and go running like a wild animal into the forest under a full moon. Trust me on this one: it's good times.


Manslaughter said...

P.S. Ler-bro: didn't actually post this until 9:20am today,just forgot to change the friggin time. Not violating the 4 hour rule dude! I swear!

Anonymous said...

Sheeeeot nukka. Crazy ass lunch lady goin' campin' n shit. Wait till she passes out. We gonna jack that cooler full of beer! PARTAYYY!!!

Shelby Cobras said...

No sweat buddy. I am haunted by lucid dreams of Yellow Tractor. Let's make it happen.

Manslaughter said...

Yellow Tractor, Gordo's property, and Big Sur are all REQUIRED.

RyGar said...

I don't know if it's a little far from you guys, but Castle Rock is well worth the trip. Headbanging on a giant rock, overlooking miles of forest, as the sun sets is pretty fucking sweet.

Beatings In The Non-TV Room said...

I want to party with you.

Shelby Cobras said...

Dude. Castle Rock = EPIC. Don't forget, at least two of the IC staff are former S.C. residents...

Beatings: If you're ever in SF, just shine the IC beacon into the midnight sky. We will be there.

SEANFORD said...

efive for the weed song. im a huge weed fan.

Manslaughter said...

In more ways than one, I know Sean.

Wizard Aura said...

"Headbanging While Making Fire" is easily one of the best videos on YouTube.

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