Friday, May 14, 2010


Ugly, brutal, Christ-raping black metal out of Belgium, created by dudes with names like Nornageth, Garghuf, and Phorgath. Although they've released no less than seven albums since (including this year's Pentagrammaton), Prophecies of Pagan Fire was their first full-length release, and in my humble opinion still remains their best. Enthroned was founded by drummer Cernunnos in 1993, who played on this album and their next (1997's Towards The Skullthrone of Satan) before hanging himself. He was promptly replaced Da Cardoen, who previously played in the band Asphyxia (IRONY?).
Not many surprises here, just a ferocious and well-executed (if somewhat standard) black metal album. Lots of blastbeats and open-string, full-chord riffage, Donald Duck vocals, keyboards, and the perfunctory acoustic/ambient intro. Song titles like "Scared By Darkwinds", "Rites of the Noerthern Full Moon", and "Deny The Holy Book of Lies" should give you a pretty good idea what flavor of Satanic ESL War Metal you're in for on this one. Fucking ruthless.

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Above: What Enthroned looks like on the outside.
Below: What Enthroned looks like on the inside.

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