Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Bay Area. Metal. These two aforementioned things are synonymous. The scene has been thriving like a rat in a sewer, festering in it's own feces and spawning a mass of crusted beady-eyed hell babies. There are literally too many shows, too many bands, TOO MUCH. Especially when there's a sea of mediocrity and you feel like you're drowning in it. Choking on "meh" vomit. I mean, there are a lot reunion shows which are always fun, because you know, you loved that El Dopa/1332 album (Thanks No Beast So Fierce) and it's cool to see them play live. As far as new bands go though, it's hard not to get a little jaded. There's just so many, and it's kind of a rarity that I find myself wielding a "bangover" (this is when you get a head bang headache the next day from shit being just too fucking metal to handle. perv. Get your mind out of the gutter!)

Long story short, Moses rules. Half of them live in Fresno, so not completely Bay Area, but close enough. I saw them last night and they shredded face, melted panties (or manties-they don't discriminate) and wrecked some necks. (Especially mine) They've opened up for many an awesome band like High on Fire (well, that's debatable these days) Skeletonwitch, Black Cobra, Saviours, etc., however they don't get as much cred as they should. I like their grungy sludge sabbath worshipping heavy riffage screaming wailage. I guess I would liken them to Brainoil, (one of my favorite bands ever) but once you start comparing shit it starts to go round like a circle jerk, so let's just say they rule. Dude and they're my bros. Gotta support the bros. Always.

(Creepy, huh?)

Here's their demo, it kicks dick. Produced by everyone's favorite Bay Area Engine Ear Billy Anderson. Buy yourself a neck brace.

Download HERE


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Aylmer said...

Ye haveth goode taste.

Shelby Cobras said...

This shit rules. Thanks buddy.

Manslaughter said...

THIS JUST IN...Manslaughter roadies for Moses' pre-Maiden party, Manslaughter rides party bus to Maiden. Manslaughter meets Bruce Dickinson and he says "I'm dead chuffed on you Manslaughter, let me fly you around the world in me plane". Manslaugther talks in 3rd person.

Anonymous said...

THIS JUST IN...Manslaughter attempts to roadie for Moses' pre-Maiden party, Manslaughter drinks too much and passes out in party bus to Maiden after making repeat sexual advances on Moses band members. Manslaughter wakes up in parking lot in Oakland the following day, Manslaughter loses cell phone, passport, and dignity. Manslaughter goes home and gazes at a framed picture of Bruce Dickinson that sits next to her bed. A lone tear falls down Manslaughter's cheek.

Manslaughter said...

WOW for being anonymous you know me really fucking well. Except for the whole "hitting on the band thing". They've all got girlfriends, somehow, even though they're some of the creepiest dudes ever. Hey, anonymous, will you go with me and make sure I don't lose all my shit?

Shelby Cobras said...

Sure, no problem. When is is, again?

Anonymous said...

I mean, "Sure, no problem. When is it again?"