Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mickey Shorr and Break-In Records

Okay, I promise... this will be the last post related to the Dickie Goodman story.

Mickey Shorr was a very popular radio disc jockey in Detroit in the heyday of radio DJ's, the 1960s and 1970s, when radio was relevant (it still is, by the way, but the people working in it are not). From what I can gather, he didn't do any crazy stunts or wacky practical jokes, and I doubt that he ever interviewed a porn star or anything like that. But he was pretty cool, and, as someone who still listens to the radio everyday, I sometimes wish that the hosts of the shows I regularly listen to were more like this:

Mickey Shorr worked with Dickie Goodman in the early 1960s on a few break-in records under the name Spencer and Spencer. He also produced some break-in's under the moniker Mickey Shorr and the Cut-Ups. Dickie Goodman is rumored to have been involved in this project, but there is no definitive proof. As a break-in record it's pretty weak, and falls victim to a lot of the traps that Whimsical Will mentioned in my original story. It is interesting, however, that the last sample used in Shorr's most famous recording is a clip from Bill Buchanan's big hit with Bobby Vee "Please Don't Ask About Barbara".

These days Mickey Shorr owns a chain of 'mobile electronic' stores in the Detroit area and doesn't seem to care much about his past. If anyone is interested I could try to track him down for an interview or something.

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R. O. said...

Shorr died in 1988.