Friday, May 21, 2010

Bill Buchanan and Break-In Records

As a postscript to the Dickie Goodman story I thought it would be apropos to post a small tribute to Bill Buchanan, Mr Goodman's partner in crime for "The Flying Saucer", a man who was as important to popular music history as Mr Goodman, if considerably less dedicated. Goodman and Buchanan parted ways shortly after "The Flying Saucer" was released, but both continued to work in the music industry. However, while Dickie pursued the break in records genre until his death, Buchanan retired from the music business in 1965 to work in the jewelry business. He died in 1996, leaving behind an impressive body of work.
"The Thing" is a cover of a popular song by Phil Harris recorded by Buchanan in 1958.

Buchanan also worked closely with The Three Stooges, writing and producing many of their early records. Here is an example:

But, most importantly, Mr Buchanan wrote a song for pop singer Bobby Vee (an incredibly prolific performer whose contribution to rock music is immeasurable for a number of reasons, but most especially since he helped to support the early career of Mr Elston Gunn, better known as Robert Zimmerman, better known as um, Bob... Dylan, who played guitar for Mr Vee). Anyway, Mr Buchanan wrote this song for Mr Vee, a top 20 hit in 1962:

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