Sunday, May 16, 2010


For a town of less than 60,000 people, Santa Cruz, CA sure shits out some amazing tech-death metal bands. Decrepit Birth and Brain Drill (their new album kills, fuck the haters) both hail from the lush mountains and sunny beaches of said region, which is a pleasant surprise considering the high concentration of hippies, burnouts, Phish-heads, and other undesirable detritus that reside there as well.
Although Odious Mortem's Myspace page will tell you that they now reside in San Francisco, they too are spawn of SC's loins, and in fact three O.M. members went on to join Decrepit Birth after Derek Boyer and Tim Yeung left. But small town inbreeding aside, this band churns out epic amounts of shred, and Cryptic Implosion stands as one of the finest releases in the tech-death genre in the latter half of the decade. Shit, the sole fact that Ron Jarzombek showed up to donate a guest solo on the album's final track should tell you something about its quality.

One question: where were all these Hessians hiding when I lived in SC?

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Below: (in Cookie Monster voice) "We like to wear cargo SHOOOOORRRRRTTTTTTSSSS!!!!"

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SEANFORD said...

youre old balls shelby. when you lived in SC we were all still in highschool in pacifica. no joke. their singer (anthony) and myself were in the same class at Terra Nova (a shit hole that would strangely crank out several metal blade alumnus. odd). the pacifica heshers then met up with the all burn out SC locs in college. around the time your son got his drivers license and started finder blasting chunkeritas.

Shelby Cobras said...

*lone tear rolls down cheek*

Anonymous said...

*lone tear rolls down cheek*

For Dio. RIP little man.

Cory said...

decrepit birth stink.