Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where are They Now Now?

COBRA: Where did you go?

Does anybody know what fate befell upon the epic thrashing wonder Cobra? I was recently reminded of this long since forgotten slice of metallic pie until recently as they resurfaced in my peripheral though a front page photo and back page ad of an old Circus magazine.

Many rumors emerged since their abrupt and mysterious departure from the touring and no confirmed reunions have ever been mentioned through any of the metal portals I frequent. I vaguely remember hearing a story long ago about one of the Cobras brothers playing his guitar while it was rigged on fire with dynamite but that could be total bullshite. My half-eaten TDK cassette is so worn and warbled that I can hardly make out the crushing solos and I’m sure there’s somebody on IC that might have an idea concerning their fate.

Wikipedia brings up fuck all and Myspace is worthless to provide me with answers, so I’m hoping somebody out there knows something…Anything....Thanks.

Photo circa 198?

Longshoremen, bakers, bus-drivers or just rock and roll casualties?

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Shelby Cobras said...

Jimi Jamison left COBRA in 1984 to replace Dave Bickler as lead vocalist in SURVIVOR ("Eye of The Tiger"), effectively bringing an end to the band. That's the last I heard of them.

SURVIVOR split after the release of their so-so album Too Hot To Sleep in 1988, although Jamison had the nerve to re-form the band (under the SAME name, with NO original members) in the mid 90's. What a dick.

You're a strange one, Ms. sinensis. I thank you.