Thursday, May 27, 2010


Gee, there sure has been a lot of chooglin'-ass heavy psych/classic rock getting posted around here lately, hasn't there? Like, lots of self-titled albums released between 1968 and '71 featuring scraggly dudes in bell bottoms singing about sunshine and shit? Has anyone else noticed? Seanford, have you noticed that? Manslaughter? Anyone? (get a room already, you hippies.)
While I personally have no issues with said stony jams, I wanted to post something today that's the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of that, something technological where hard psych is organic, menacing where it is mellow, surgically immaculate where it is scruffy and sloppy. I know, I know -- such eclecticism is contrary to the basic principles IC was built upon. But chill for a second, hear me out.

The mysterious one-man Virginia-based cyber-grind entity known as GIGANTIC BRAIN is the polar opposite of all things mellow, crunchy, and peaceful. Sounding like a cross between Mars Attacks! and Agoraphobic Nosebleed, the Brain's sporadic, alien-obsessed bursts of blasting chaos are the antithesis of "groovy", the type of schizophrenic sonic onslaught that incinerates hippies on contact. I've had trouble locating individual releases by Gigantic Brain (a quagmire of split albums, demos, EP's and the like have evaporated into the atmosphere like steam), but The Invasion Discography collects everything the Brain ever recorded pre-'04, including unreleased, expunged, and otherwise unfit material from the darkest corners of cyberspace: 63 tracks, each song an apocalyptic mindfuck. As far as I can tell, Gigantic Brain's long-awaited full-length, Our Bovine Destroyers, remains unreleased as well. Cryptic, evil sci-fi metal. Suck it, hippie.

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Manslaughter said...

You need to start smoking and like, mellow out man.

Shelby Cobras said...


SEANFORD said...

hahaha. get off my back dad. this is us -

Will Towles said...

Who did the cover art? That thing is boss!

Peter said...

This dude rulez so hard.

BrundleflyKT said...

Wow. Gigantic Brain lives on that awesome border between being completely unlistenable-heavy with that sweet and rewarding familiarity that really glues it all together very nicely. Fine choice.