Friday, May 14, 2010

Another 6 Pack? Psyche!

I told you the other week I was going to swing by your pad again with another 6 pack. Well I’m back, and even though this party is BYOP, I didn’t bring proto-metal. I brought some heavy far out psyche. I’ll keep the descriptions brief. I’m a lover, not a writer. But all albums have been approved as awesome by me.

Stray – All in Your Mind

Not much is known about Stray. I mean, there might be one or two Stray experts out there but the internet and myself really don’t know a lot about this band. I used to trip out to this when I lived in Santa Cruz and it was in heavy rotation while I was making a record inside an abandoned hospital in South Central LA. I’m struggling on how to classify this but to me it sounds like desolate psyche. Perfect for squatters and burnouts. This band actually later got terrible, so I'm just including the first disc from a double LP 'best of' (it's better this way). Check out the BJOTR (best jam on the record) – Around the World in Eighty Days. You.

please enjoy this track while taking the epic journey that is this post

6 Feet Under – In Retrospect 1969-70

Sometimes when you’re mining the archives or obscure Psyche a 'best of' is the best way to get a few sweet singles in one place. Most of these bands, and especially this one, just released a few singles that flopped and then they broke up or got jobs or something. But I think this record is awesome and their complete lack of success doesn’t make any sense to me. No matter who’s hanging out at your pad, put this record on and I guarantee they’ll be stoked. I’ve found it to be a consistent crowd pleaser, whenever I put it on, I get laid. You’ll be drawn to this band for the excellent female vocals, the strong pop hooks and prevalent use of organ. It’s mostly minor key home recordings from an unheard-of garage band. These were young suburban teens, making music to get down to (highly bonable). Owe.

Aphrodite’s Child – 666

This records cult legacy may be attributed to its founding member, pioneering electronic composer and crazy Greek genius, Vangelis. He’s the composer behind the Blade Runner soundtrack which I would bet Shelby has already talked about. Hold on. HA. He totally did. I know that dude so well. Anyway, this record is a fucking journey and there is a lot of gold to be mined in this mammoth sized album. Another mind blowing double LP of some whacked out, tripped out, far out psych. From the sleeve notes: "This album was recorded under the influence of Sahlep." Me.

Spiders – Don’t Blow Your Mind (7” Single)

I know I may have overloaded your plate a little with multiple double LPs so I’ll toss in a 7” single by a band called the Spiders. This came out in 1966 and had no success, probably due to the fact that its really not that great (I mean, its still tight, but it sold like 400 copies. I like it, fuck you). And actually, to be honest, the b-side isn’t even psyche, its straight rock n roll, only the single is psyched out. But it’s cool. You’re still interested in this because its Alice Coopers band from High School. Long before school was actually out, he recorded this while still a senior. A.

Status Quo - Picturesque Matchstickable Messages from the Status Quo

This classic record came out in ’68 and it’s the kind of thing I either have to write a book about or leave alone all together. They recorded this down the hall from the Beatles while they were working on Abbey Road. They hung out during the session but my guess is that maybe Status Quo was getting a little higher. They certainly heshed harder. Dig this jam while you finish this post. Beer.

Gandalf – Gandalf

There are a whole shit load of Wizard-Psyche bands. There are multiple bands called Wizard (one called Wizzard), fuck I even have records by a band called Gandalf the Grey. But this Gandalf, and their self titled record from 1969, totally rule the subgenre with an iron staff . Haunting jams abound on this record. Similar to Rare Bird with a touch of early Golden Earring and a dash of Iota. Or, take the song Winter by Atomic Rooster and cross it with Don’t let me be Misunderstood by the Animals and you would have the best of Gandalf. And now you have their first record (there’s also a Gandalf 2). Dude.

Well, thanks for having me over. I like your place. Sorry about eating the last piece of pizza. Enjoy the tunes and maybe I’ll catch you later on.


Shelby Cobras said...

A) That Aphrodite's Child double LP fucking rules the world. I got it off Cosmic Hearse approximately hella days ago and I still haven't fully wrapped my brain around it. So fucking good.

B) I also got that Gandalf The Grey record you spoke of, I read a review that said it was "heavy", but I guess they meant "naked-hippie-Woodstock-Wicker Man-acoustic heavy" rather than "fuzz-pedal-Heep-mountains-of-hash-and-motorcycles heavy", because it was hella limp. Whatevs.

C) I like how you sandwiched the seemingly innocuous term "prevalent use of organ" in between a sentence about getting laid and another sentence about 6 Feet Under being "highly bonable". Pretty subtle. Maybe you should hang out with guys like this more often (note the inclusion of knuckle tattoos in this video. Extra points = Cobras).

SEANFORD said...

dude, i know! that gandalf the grey record is balls. BUT, this gandalf record is awesome. golden earrings, hang on to a dram, nature boy, so many heavy covers. very rare bird-ish.

of course I know you prefer the other six feet under.

Also, isn’t it gay that you’re mentioned in 100% of my posts? It’s like I post only for the approval of a neglecting father figure.

Ps. long comments = giving up on getting laid

Manslaughter said...

It's cool, throw on some 6 Feet Under and BLAM! Instalaid.

Shelby Cobras said...

The other 6FU sucks ass.

Also, I don't think I've ever told you this before, but now seems like the right time:


Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to give Other Mom a good rogering, long comments be damned.

stargraves said...

Fuck me sideways - the Quo video contains UMG content. It therefore can't be viewed in my bastard country.


It's Quo's country: the song is from here. Some jap's eye out there in youtoob land needs a solid kick in the quim.

Laura said...

Blathering on about how Status Quo is a totally underrated band is one of my all time favorite drunken rants. A solid, forty year career with great, hooky songs, and no one in the US gives a toss about them. Compared to the shit their contemporaries were releasing in the mid-80s, "In The Army Now" isn't half bad, either.

Then I put on Python Lee Jackson's "In A Broken Dream" and pass out.

It's amazing I have any friends at all.

Steven said...

Thanks dude. This saves me the trouble (and pricey airfare) of coming over to yer place and raiding the library. Much obliged.

Anonymous said...

Gism Crow, a multi albumen mega post! Duuude, pass the pineapple ... This brog is ridiculous.