Wednesday, May 19, 2010


NYDM at its finest! Sure, it sounds just like Effigy of The Forgotten 2 years after said album was released, but some forms of music just don't need to evolve, you know? Case in point: WICKED FUCKIN GUTTERAL SLAMZ, bro. The Pyrexia formula is easy - grunt, slam, mosh, blast, shred, grunt, slam, mosh, repeat. If you have a problem with that maybe you should just go back to your double half-caf latte and your issue of Spin and your "ironic" appreciation of metal and your episodes of Gossip Girl and stay THE FUCK OUT OF THE PIT.
You are an asshole. PYREXIA JUDGES YOU.

PS: This band went to shit around 1996. Do not visit their Myspace page under any circumstances, unless you really need to know what a "Rex Girl" is. For the sake of good taste, let's all just pretend Pyrexia still only exists in 1993 (see band photo).
Ahhh, that's better.

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Will Towles said...

I'll check it out but just because you asked so politely.

REO said...

I had this album when it came out in 93 or 94. One of the most brutal albums out there! In my top ten definately.

REO said...

I had this album back in 93 or 94. I lost my cd at a new years party 4years ago and was pissed. Have to say this is one of my favorite albums, up there with Legion, Effigy, Tomb of the Mutilated.