Friday, May 7, 2010


With all this talk about new metal bands, I thought it was about time I share one of my favorites. These dudes hail from Vancouver, B.C. (hence the B.C., although I think that has a double meaning.) They are signed to Metal Blade, which is good and bad if you think about it. They have a new album out called “Dark Ages” and I can’t wait to hear it. This is what Metal Blade said about it:

Dark Ages breathes like a rabid animal that you’d find tied up in WINO’s backyard. It’s flying V’s, analog perfection, loud and sludgy, played by hairy dudes in denim jackets.

I’m sorry; did they say Flying V’s, loud, hairy dudes and denim jackets??? I can get down with that.

I’ve seen these guys a few times, and every time they blow all the other bands on the bill away. We’re talking about a bangover with an 11 on the richter scale. And they’ve played on some pretty epic bills. And they are total sweethearts.

Quiet Earth so far has been my fave; in fact there’s even a little bow chugging in there too! Wendigo Pt. 1 (Quest For Fire) is an epic 8 minute beautifully brutal bow chugging song. I love it. I hope you do too, although I’ll try not to be offended if you don’t.

These guys are on tour NOW, playing at the Fox Theatre in Oakland tomorrow, Saturday, May 8th. AMAZING venue. Not so amazing line up of bands, (except Black Cobra-they rule too). Here’s a suggestion. Go to the show, buy me the new album and a t-shirt (youth medium please) and I’ll provide you with awesome cookies, sandwiches and love for the rest of your life. OR, you can do me a solid Brokkake and do my final project, write my three research papers, and study for my mid term. In which case, you might get upgraded to ribs, baked bacon goodies, and a head-banging partner for life. It’s up to


(Oh, and say hi to the bros)


Tour dates on their myspace/buy a shirt HERE:


Shelby Cobras said...

Interested parties can also obtain Bison's debut album HERE. I will refrain from commenting on how Manslaughter offered herself up as a "banging partner" because I'm above that sort of juvenile chicanery.

SEANFORD said...

This band is sweet.

bison is one of the two bands that later sprung forth from underground skate-thrashers, S.T.R.E.E.T.S.

I posted the STREETS album a while back but they got bummed and asked me to take it down. the other offspring band, CHILDREN (who RULE, btw) is still up on IC for DL. -

With this second Bison album, we have now completed a Canadian Hat Trick. Although I know manslaughter would prefer to complete a Dutch Windmill.

also, i love how the comments section in IC is just nerds eagerly offering up further information on the post, striving to contribute to the nerd pool, proving that they too are nerds worthy of IC level nerdome.

and what’s with people who post really long comments, did they just give up on getting laid?

Shelby Cobras said...

PS: "B.C." stands for BOW CHUGGING!!!

Steven said...

I don't know about you, Seanford, but I write all my long comments WHILE getting laid. Helps me concentrate...

Manslaughter said...

Great Cobras. Great. Now my bros are gonna go hungry on tour cuz nobody is gonna buy their new album cuz YOU POSTED IT.
AND, creepy dudes reading my lame blogs are gonna think I'm totally DTF. AWESOME.

Canadian Hat Tricks>Dutch Windmill. Dutch Windmills are for losers that have given up on getting laid. Wait, is this a long comment???

Manslaughter said...

Oh wait. Debut not new.(Brain. Melting. Help.)You're in the clear Lermo.

Except some creepy dude just emailed me.

Aylmer said...

Been meaning to check these guys out for ages, thanks for the gentle nudge. Also, Black Cobra do indeed rule. They played here a few months ago and they melted my face clean off. Rafael was a really nice guy too.

Shelby Cobras said...

Black Cobra/Slough Feg/Gates of Slumber coming soon to SF. If you're around, come out and meet the entire IC Team!

Hell Crust said...

tried downloading, not all of the tracks worked. just letting you know.

Shelby Cobras said...

Here's a good version:

Manslaughter said...

FUUUUCK. Dude. I fucking give up. Why my shit always broke yo?