Tuesday, June 23, 2009

White Mice

"White Mice succeed where so many other performance based, noise oriented artists fail: the acually have great SONGS to back up their performances (and great performances they are, blood spattered mice costumes and all). Also, while some artists working in similar genres marinate themselves in pretensions, White Mice exude a disarmingly retarded sense of humor (their penchant for mice-ifying everything - song titles such as "mousSTASsh Ride," for example)...
...The distorted, and at times vomitous, vocals are simply terrifying. Who knew a song about cheese could be so brutal? Many critics hear a heavy Melvins-influence in the songs of White Mice, a point which could be supported by the White Mice's love of heavy, sludgy sounds; however, what separates White Mice from this obvious influence is their almost painterly use of noise - they actually rock an oscillator to create whirling harsh soundscapes - and wickedly good basslines..."

-Michael Grigelevich, Skyscraper Magazine #28, Summer 2008

This band is excellent. I wish more bands would combine heavy metal with abrasive noise. They fit together so well. Listen to this music loud.

Download here.

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