Friday, June 19, 2009


Right: A team of 12 highly-skilled composite artists spent over two weeks constructing this photo-quality representation of "Derek".

Illogical Bro Rune from Denmark (the magical land of Lars, King Diamond, and Artillery) was kind enough to upload this full-length copy of what is commonly referred to as "The Derek Tapes", whose origin and meaning are both unclear. Download this thing, and pop it in the old iPod next time you've got a layover or a long bus ride. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. In Rune's own words:

"It is a recording of a telephone conversation between two men, with no known date. The mysterious "Derek" carries most of the conversation, and in the course of about 40 minutes spans a spectrum of human emotion that is truly astounding."

Super fucking weird. Thanks, Rune.

Download HERE


Peter said...

I really need to hang out with these dudes

Aesop said...

Wow. The discourse on Deicide and Morbid Angel is just superb.

Viagra said...

Who got a hold of this thing?It is remarkable. This guys are amazing... How can i meet them... I bet I'd learn a lot from them.

Ensconced Nubian said...

Hehe, that picture's not even close to what I think Derek would look like. Anyway, I must say that dude's commentary on Blackmore and Gilmore is spot-on. Incisive stuff!