Friday, June 19, 2009


This particular soundtrack was released in two different forms by two different artists, Tangerine Dream on the U.S. release and Jerry Goldsmith overseas. And while anyone but the most casual reader knows that Illogical Contraption has a bit of a Broner for Mr. Goldsmith (God rest his soul), it's actually the Tangerine Dream version I'd like to share today.
The film, of course, is a classic of the fantasy genre, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Tim Curry as Darkness (left), Tom Cruise as a Gelfling, and That One Chick From The 80's as The Chick. Also, in a first for the film industry, a real live unicorn was used in the filming of this movie.

But anyway, back to the soundtrack. Krautrockers Tangerine Dream, always the keyboard enthusiasts, give us a doozy here, full of bleep-bleep bloop-bloop analoggy goodness and ethereal synth washes. Songs with names like "Goblins", "Fairies", and "Unicorn Theme" should give you a pretty good idea where this thing is going, but allow me one caveat: The tracks featuring Bryan Ferry and Jon Anderson are pretty painful.

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Above: Tangerine Dream. Below: The trailer.

In other news, Illogical Contraption would like to congratulate the RIAA for their victory in a $1.92 million lawsuit against a mother of four in Brainerd, Minnesota who was illegally downloading music from Journey, Gloria Estefan, and Sheryl Crow. Hopefully, by making an example of this despicable media pirate, the record industry will live to see another day. Great job!


catskin_gloves said...

Great blog, dudesons... Clever, interesting, and fun for us metalheads

Andreas Deranged said...

OH MY GOD. I watched this film so many times as a child. HAd no idea Tangerine Dream made the music. I mean, this MUST be the only movie featuring Tom Cruise, Mortiis and Rocky Horror/It-clown as SATAN that was sampled by ORIGIN on their first album. Or at least one of the few of them. Thanks a bunch, this makes up for scorching my eyes with my cheap laptop backtracking this blog for three hours at night.

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!