Thursday, June 4, 2009


Bear in mind that this is NOT "Quieron", Spanish conjugation for "they want". It's "Queiron", wise and immortal centaur of Greek mythology.
That being said, these nuts from Brazil pump out some ridiculously heavy deathgrind -- and not that newfangled "bree bree" shit. This is straight-up, I-hate-Jesus-and-want-to-crush-your-skull-with-a-mace brutality, not for the sick or the elderly.
In addition, this obscure little gem proves two things about ESL Metal: 1) It sounds better when it is played by guys named "Brutallik" and "Pestiferus" and 2) Songs with names like "Blasphemous Erections" could never be written by a native English-speaker. Hence the extra awesomeness.

Download HERE

Did anyone else notice that the guy on the right (above) looks a Hell of a lot like Erik Del Tigre wearing a wig (left)? Double life, perhaps? I'm just sayin'...


Erik Del Tigre said...

All I need to do is get totally beefed out and raid your wardrobe.

chris said...

thanks, i need to work on my blasphemous erection