Thursday, June 11, 2009


I've written at length about the complete train wreck of a film Heartbeeps in the past ("Heartbeeps: What The Fuck?" - Feb. 12, 2009), and expressed my desire to procure the soundtrack from said movie. Well, guess what? I finally tracked it down, and now present it here as a gift for all YOU vultures.
Respected film composer John Williams (who made his name scoring an obscure independent film called Star Wars) went out on a limb with this one (see also: Basil Poledouris' Red Dawn OST), and his gamble pays off BIG. Williams is definitely a more traditional/orchetral composer, but Heartbeeps is full of all manner of beeping, popping electronica, bouncy synth bass, and funky drumming. His critics hated it, but critics are full of shit. This soundtrack OWNS. It's as good as the movie is bad (that's REALLY good).

Helpful hint: Any track with "Crimebuster" in the title is an absolute winner.

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You asked for it...

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Arthur Rambo said...

This is awesome, thank you for tracking down & posting this