Friday, June 12, 2009


Mistress is a now-defunct side project from some of the dudes in Anaal Nathrakh. Far from the grim black metal experimentation of the latter, Mistress lays down a distinctly New Orleans-y brand of swamp-grind in the vein of Soilent Green, Acid Bath (without the melodic vocals), or even a speedier Eyehategod. Although I'm pretty sure there aren't a heck of a lot of swamplands in their hometown of Birmingham, England, Mistress would fit in nicely in a place like Birmingham, Alabama, where shotguns, bongloads, grindcore, and beat up pickup trucks all cohabitate in an uneasy stew of humid discontent. Face-pummeling, doomy, and spattered with a healthy dose of blasting powerviolence. Not very nice at all.

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steve57 said...

this review is missing an Iron Monkey reference, no...?

Shelby Cobras said...

Oh shit, my bad. How about something like: "Much like their fellow countrymen Iron Monkey (from nearby Nottingham), Mistress' sludgy, malicious jams evoke images of severe ass-beatings and unprovoked assault, much like the kung fu flicks named Iron Monkey as well(released in 1977 and 1993)."

Extra points for a triple Iron Monkey reference?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some straight up NOLA shit. Can't wait for the new Goatwhore.