Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Peter's Double Feature (Because I Feel Like It!)

Alright check, check, check it out...

Here are two totally sweet bands that are opposite in tempo and equal in brutality.

#1 Nasum

Nasum is a brutal grind band from Sweden. Their singer/lead guitarist died in a tsunami (!) in 2004. In the twelve years they were active they released a slew of 7"s and 5 full length studio albums. Their Sophomore release, Human 2.0, is one of my favorites.

Download here.
Purchase here.

#2 Buried at Sea

Among the slowest (without becoming drone) and heaviest bands to make music today. The guitars are so dense that you start to get lost in the sound. These guys are from Chicago and are still relatively new. Im hoping to hear more great stuff from them in the future.

Migration + She Lived For Us But Died For Others (triple feature?!) here.
Purchase here. (She Lived For Us But Died For Others was a limited vinyl release.)


chris said...

not to be confused with Graves At Sea! thanks for posting

genersal lsmenedd said...

i believe that buried at sea are officially defunct.