Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Another unfathomably awesome soundtrack by Mr. Poledouris, from one of the greatest movies of all time. Quite a bit more "modern" than the Robocop soundtrack and a HELL of a lot more modern than the Conan The Barbarian soundtrack, Basil incorporates a heavy use of electronic instruments on this one, as a tool to juxtapose the sterile, robotic actions of the Communist Army in the film against the grassroots military opposition of the All-American Wolverines (who are also represented by an array of organic, orchestral intrumentation). This is some of his most dramatic and uncharacteristic work, which was alternately assaulted and hailed as a masterpiece by critics upon its release. A huge departure from his regular style, I think this is Poledouris' finest hour, from the lock-step synth marching in the opening credits to the sweeping symphonic majesty at its end.
A classic score from a classic film.


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PS: More bad news, gang. While researching this post, I came across a news story about a Red Dawn remake in the works. Goddammit.


chris said...

nooo not a remake!!! they gotta fuck with everything don't they? me and my buddy watched this movie over and over and over. true classic

Roblexx said...

Very very thanks.

Anonymous said...

"one of the greatest movies of all time"

You have to be kidding - it was god awful. The premise was absurd, the acting terrible, and the whole thing was just a big propaganda piece for ending gun control and increasing defense spending. It was directed by a nut job and made no sense. AVENGE ME BOYS! That's the dumbest line of the movie, and perhaps of ANY MOVIE of ALL TIME!