Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This week: AFTER CRYING - Megalázottak és megszomorítottak (1992)

Thought I'd kick off 'Prog Blog Wednesdays' with a sweet one, After Crying's Megalázottak és megszomorítottak. It's not Zeuhl. It's not RIO. It's not even 70's. But it is pure Hungarian prog rock brilliance.
A multi-instrumental collaboration featuring strings, wind, electric, and acoustic instruments, Megalázottak is a much more classical/symphomic release than After Crying's later work, which is more focused on ROCKING rather than PROGGING. This is a band unafraid to take chances, as exemplified by the 22-minute opening track, which swells from an understated, synth-and-groove affair to a full blown, chaotic saxophone freakout. The second track is equally weird, and the third track, "Nokturne", is only 2 minutes long, a minor-key dirge floating around on a sea of atmospheric keyboards and stuttering drums. I guess that's what's so great about this stuff. After Crying keeps you guessing, from song to song and album to album.
And that's what good progressive rock is all about.

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