Friday, June 12, 2009


From Craigslist:

I need you for my rock & roll cd - m4ww (napa county)

"Here it goes,I'm shadbelly Daggett guitarist for the hard prog metal band Bahdluk.We are recording in santa rose for awhile and in need of one smokin hot lady age 20to30. We will be recording her (audio that is only) giving the lead guitarist oral sex while he playing he"s solo in the song ladyhells. Make no mistake we will not pay for thisand you will hear the act in the song.You also must not know any of the members of the band.Get me those pics girls."

Now, I know what you're thinking: "This is too good to be true. This is the big break I've been waiting for!" Well, it IS for real. Check it out.

But before you all get in a tizzy about why I was lurking around Craigslist looking for middle-aged rockers to give head to, bear in mind that I received this link via email from The Heckler. So ask HIM.

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Ambassador MAGMA said...

Halford went down on Tipton and Downing while they were shredding... it's what made their solos so great.

OK, so I don't get this... if he was eating her out and she was moaning, while doing a guitar solo, that would be amazing AND sound like something. But is he going to be moaning and and making dad sex noises while trying to remember his pentatonic scale... what?

Notorious BIG is the only person who could get away with this shit. And he didn't need a craigslist ad