Friday, June 5, 2009


So here it is, the fabled "trip to the future" I've been promising on 'Action Figure Corner' for two weeks. Produced in 2008, the Limited Edition Steve Dog Action Figure was hand crafted by (literally) onetime Illogical Contraption Contributing Writer Ethanomicon, proprietor of Winsbyfilms International, custom toy builder extraordinaire, and Bro of the Highest Order. From his well-stocked studio at the end of the hall in my girlfriend's house, Ethan turns out masterpiece after masterpiece such as this one, for both his burgeoning action-figure-based film company and also for the amusement of his Bros. I can tell you first hand: BIG things are in the works over there at Winsbyfilms, things which will hopefully be premiering on this very blog REALLY soon...
For those of you unfamiliar with the Illogical Contraption Universe, Steve "Steve Dog" Dog (aka Cory, aka Chaki) is the vocalist for the awesome Party Rock band Dalton, which I myself play guitar in. The action figure is realistically packaged with a microphone, a "76"-style American flag, a pair of aviator sunglasses, and a bag of "booger sugar", complete with razor and rolled-up dollar bill (pure imagination on the part of the artist, I assure you), all meticulously crafted by the Bro himself.
So remember, readers: As Winsbyfilms and Ethanomicon rocket to international acclaim, Illogical Contraption was there in the beginning, nurturing his craft like a mother humpback nursing its baby. Winsbyfilms is going to be HUGE. You read it here FIRST.

PS: More creations from Winsbyfilms International coming next week.

In case you can't make it out, the back of the box reads thusly: "Relive your favorite Dalton moments with your Steve Dog action figure! The frontman for America's most amazing rock band of all time! Prepare to be rocked to the very core of your soul and all the parts in between! Long live rock and roll and God bless America with official Dalton action figures!"

Special thanks to Sweet Baby Jay for snapping the sweet photos on this one. YOU RULE.

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