Saturday, January 17, 2009


Here's a truly fabulous compilation of eleven metal bands that prove oftentimes chicks can lay down the sick grind just as well as the bros. From the symphonic black metal of Italy's Opera IX to the blackened thrash of France's Witches and the USA's Deathwitch to the doomy ploddings of the Bay Area's Noothgrush and Seattle (via Norway's) Thorr's Hammer, this international who's who of ladies in metal is a well-rounded sampler of extreme music at its best, no penises needed. My personal favorite: Montreal's all-girl death/grind outfit November Grief, whose face-melting track "Spine Worm" could go toe-to-toe with any Cannibal Corpse song.

Track listing:

1. Dying Breath of Ephesians - Ebonsight
2. Flag of Black Death - Deathwitch
3. Angel Wings & Raven Claws - Gehenna
4. Troll - Thorr's Hammer
5. Black Sorcerer - Witches
6. Pain - Acrostichon
7. Blut und Ehre - Demonic Christ
8. Alderaan - Noothgrush
9. Spine Worm - November Grief
10. Waste - Damad
11. My Devotion - Opera IX

Download HERE

Below: The Great Kat approves!


Aesop said...

I'll be seeing Opera IX in Italy in March. And I'll be seeing Cretaceous with the bestest band in the world, LAck of Interest soon enough.

Shelby Cobras said...

Sweet bro! We're all getting sex changes prior to the show, oddly enough...

Anonymous said...

Someone have the "november Grief - Spine Worm" lyrics?

Barahir said...

broken link