Sunday, January 18, 2009


Here's a delicious platter of East Bay crust, served up piping hot courtesy of the stony kids in Cruevo and Brainoil. Both bands seem to currently be in a state of suspended animation, but in 2001 they were kicking out the jams intensely, blowing up house parties and clubs all over the Bay Area and beyond. This split CD is a documentation of two fucking killer bands at their zenith, loud, crippling, and brutal. Brainoil gives us eight thunderous tracks, short but sweet and punctuated with electronic buzzing and weird noise. Cruevo's three tracks are longer (two over 7 and a half minutes), well-focused and epic. A winner from start to finish, this one is a must-have for any fan of crippling doom.
PS My co-worker and Total Bro Ira hits the skins for Brainoil. He's pretty much the best dude ever. Hi, Ira.

Download HERE

Above: Brainoil at 3 Days of Darkness, 2004. Below: Cruevo


Aesop said...

I will second Ira's magnanimous brotalitarianism and the rockitudinal fortification of both these bands, and this split.

godhead/v said...

thanks for the upload man, get people buzzing about brainoil and maybe they'll record something new for us.

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