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Here's two albums from an amazing band, a band unfortunately best known for their drummer, Marc Bell, joining a much more well-known group years later (apparently, he changed his name to Marky Ramone and started some punk band). I say UNFORTUNATELY because Dust's self-titled debut is a truly remarkable hard rock album, full of rippin' jams and a few stony hippie ballads, one of the best pieces of vinyl floating around in 1971. These fuckers can ROCK, and their gritty, dirty delivery is the very definition of early 70's badass-ness. Oh, and "Marc Bell" is a way better drummer than "Marky Ramone". I'm just sayin'. PS The mid-tempo quasi-rocker "Chasin' Ladies" features some of the most amazing lyrics this side of Ronnie James Dio, as frontman Richie Wise implores his lover "All I ask of you / Is to let me go free chasin' ladies" with such passion that you can't help but take his side.

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Their follow-up album is a chunk of gold, too, a little heavier on the balladry, but with some MAJOR highlights to make it a classic. First off, the cover art by Frank Frazetta (probably my favorite artist ever), featuring some sweet trolls doing battle on a snowy mountain top, sets the tone for this disc, as if Dust is declaring war on the button-up squares of the world with their awesome rock. Secondly, Kenny Anderson's bass riffage and slide guitar go above and beyond the call of duty all over this one, battling Wise for the lead slot musically. And lastly, the final proper song on this one, "Suicide", is just hands-down the best song EVER, and if you don't believe me, download this record and tell me I'm wrong. I DARE YOU.

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Anonymous said...

Are you talking shit about the Ramones? because that would be stupid.

Steven said...

I love all these obscure '70's records you and Aesop post.

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My new black metal band has a name when I decide to start it.

SEANFORD said...

Dust rules. Killer double feature.

Daniel said...

Shit...I had Hard Attack but this first one is the real killer!!!! Hard Attack does have the better cover!