Tuesday, January 13, 2009


What to say about this brilliantly stupid band?
Allegedly fronted by, uh... conceptual (?) comedian Neil Hamburger, Faxed Head (who claim to hail from the bustling metropolis of Coalinga, CA) has a sound something like a gang of mentally-challenged 8-year-olds destroying musical instruments with malfunctioning power tools. It IS metal, yes, but the label comes nowhere near describing the horrific funhouse of sound that these heavily-medicated Neanderthal defects actually produce. I recently saw a terrible DVD of these guys performing in Japan. I can say with a good degree of certainty that even the Japanese don't get it. Neither do I. But DAMN if it's not one heck of an interesting ride.

Download HERE

Above: You'll never get TIRED of this band. GET IT!?!


Aesop said...

also members of the might Mr. Bungle and Caroliner Rainbow.

Anonymous said...

any band that claims to rep Coalinga gets a pass for life

Steven said...

Dude, FH is the spawn of Trey Spruance's mind. Sick and wrong.

Chiropractor said...

Good post. Good band :)


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