Monday, January 5, 2009


This disc combines The Crucifucks' 1985 self-titled LP with their second, 1987's "Wisconsin", and even tosses in a non-LP track, "Official Terrorism" for good measure. If you like fucked up punk rock music and you've never heard these guys you're missing out big time. Their sloppy, jangly, car wreck of a sound, topped off by the completely unique (and utterly obnoxious) vocals of notorious troublemaker Doc Corbin Dart, make for a ridiculous, chaotic listen, something amazing and terrible all at the same time. An angry, snarling, rabid weasel of an album.

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Above: Sophisticated gentleman Doc Corbin Dart


Anonymous said...

It's a matter of intelligence

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for this. I'm adding this blog to my list.

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Hey. I work for Alternative Tentacles. We're stoked that you like our bands, but the bands authorize us to distribute their music and are paid by us for it. It would be great if you could take down the download link and replace it with a link to our website so the band's fans can get it for themselves. If you would like a promotional song to put on this or future posts about Alternative Tentacles bands, please feel free to email and we'll hook you up!