Friday, January 30, 2009


In the spirit of that last post, here's some tangible proof that Black Metal can be ridiculous and awesome at the same time. Take a look at that band photo down there. 3 things become immediately apparent. A) From Forgotten Being live with their parents. B) From Forgotten Being has WAY too much time on their hands. C) From Forgotten Being takes this shit WAY too seriously.
That being said, this is a great Metal album, solid from start to finish and pretty well produced despite its low-budget appeal. I guess that's kinda what makes Metal so rad, the fact that you can get a chuckle out of it while simultaneously banging your head. Look at Gwar, Dethklok, or Devin Townsend for further proof.
I'm sure that these two Mexican teenagers would disagree and insist that From Forgotten Being is super-serious and evil and all, but I guess I'm just getting too old for all that crap. I wanna ROCK, I wanna PARTY, and I wanna have a good laugh. Luckily, this album is good for all three.

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Anonymous said...

So, Ist Krieg. This the sort of band that would expose your last fm