Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Buoyed up on a dark cloud of axe-fuzz and drum-thunder, Earthless pounds out epic jams like Cream or Hendrix on a dirty distortion and angel dust bender, wailing away on the Collective Eardrum like barbarians on a psychedelic daydream. This stuff is all instrumental, but vocals really aren't needed when your riff and solo-to-song ratio is higher than the busiest Death Metal band (conversely, Earthless bends the rules by playing songs that are usually about 20 minutes long). I've missed these guys the last two times they've passed through town. I am a poser. I apologize.
So load up your Magic Bong, Hippie, and allow Earthless to carry you off to outer space on a billion undulating waves of ultrasonic riffitude. Sweeeet.

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