Sunday, January 4, 2009


Japanese skate-thrashers S.O.B. (Sabotage Organized Barbarian - what did you THINK it stood for?) are a long running hardcore/metal crossover band, forming in the mid 80's but still active today. "Leave Me Alone" is their debut record which gave them an international audience, eventually gaining fans in Napalm Death (Shane Embury and Lee Dorrian did guest spots with them) and Brutal Truth (Kevin Sharp sang for them briefly after their original singer committed suicide). They even went to the U.K. to record with the legendary John Peel, but have only played one show in the U.S.
In more recent times, S.O.B. has been rightfully accused of selling out (their sound has changed significantly and their members are active in the "punk" fashion community), but this E.P. stands the test of time, a raging chunk of thrashin' goodness that can only be described as "un-fuck-withable". PAAAARRRRRTTTTYYYYYY!!!!!

Below: S.O.B. live, 1989.

Download HERE

Above: Back cover of EP. Thrashing skate AWESOMES!

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