Monday, January 26, 2009


Above: SWEET - Shock-Rockers 'X Japan', who prove again that our buddies in the Far East are a million miles ahead of us, musically, on all fronts.
Below: LAME - Unfortunately, this is what happens when an American band tries to emulate X Japan.

Above: SWEET - A totally average Black Metal band photo... Until you throw in Balding, Blood-Soaked Speedo Guy!!!
Below: LAME - I don't have any information on these guys, but I can guarantee two things. A) They are European. B) They somehow incorporate 'funk' into their sound.

Above: SWEET - Somehow, this band photo is just underwhelming enough to be cool.
Below: LAME - Not NEARLY underwhelming enough.

Above: LAME - These guys are obviously straight dudes trying to be funny by taking an uncomfortably homoerotic picture. Fucking homophobes.
Below: SWEET - The REAL DEAL, Dutch rockers Bear Force One (yes, that's their real name).

Above: LAME - This is actually one of my favorite band photos ever, Stryper (rhymes with "diaper") on the cover of their album "Soldiers Under Command". The reason I hate it is because they skimped on lighting and you can hardly see the awesomeness. I guess the Lord didn't provide a decent budget for the photot shoot.
Below: SWEET - Thanks for this one, Cory. I've always been a huge Barenaked Ladies fan. They really know how to take a picture! PS Cory, the guy in the bottom right is an exact copy of what I imagine you looking like in high school.

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