Monday, January 26, 2009



So here's what it all boils down to: Batio vs. Buckethead in a no-holds-barred Shred To The Death. I've counted the votes, and here are the results from the last round:

-Buckethead 5-1 over The Great Kat (bummer, I was rooting for her).
-Michael Angelo Batio shuts out Yngwie Malmsteen 6-0 (lots of anti-Malsteen sentiment out there, man...) So here we go, the third and final round of The 2009 Illogical Contraption Shred-Fest. CAST YOUR VOTES, FUCKERS!!!

Batio: (fast forward to 0:43 for the awesomest words you've ever heard!)


(As a side note, my roommate's Dad used to manage Yngwie Malmsteen in the early to mid 80's, and we actually have a gold Alcatrazz record on the wall in our living room... If you ever see Chuffy out at the bar, ask him for an Yngwie story, you won't be disappointed).


Anonymous said...

Hard, but Buckethead.

Erik Del Tigre said...

Batio gave me the keys to the fucking Lamborghini.

All Buckethead gave me were the keys to the dirty-ass Subaru Outback packed with college hippies & headed to Vegoose.

Batio for the win!!!

Anonymous said...

Tough call but I think its gotta be Batio.

Steven said...

I love Buckethead. He's a real musician. Has Batio ever collaborated with Bill Laswell? No, Laswell couldn't fuckin care less. Does Batio hang with Bootsy Collins? No, he's first cousin to Sir Nose DeVoid of Funk. Has he recorded over 60 albums since 1993? No, he made some cheezy instructional videos, and appeared at some even cheezier guitar clinics. I can listen to Buckethead without even one tiny scintilla of irony. And I do. That said, Batio's wrist-breaking top-bottom neck-flipping fretboard gymnastics at the orgiastic climax were so outgoddamnrageous, I gotta hand my vote to him.

And I don't hate Yngwie, I just think he's got his head so far up his ass he's stifling himself. I like that Alcatrazz album he played on, even though singer Graham Bonnet sucks balls. 'Rising Force' and 'Marching Out' are awesome, for what they are. "I Am a Viking", you can't deny that. Come on. Unfortunately, the Swedish Meatball hasn't made a listenable record since.

Oh, and you should totally check out some Shawn Lane vids. He used to play with Jonas Hellborg. Dude had some mad chops.

Shelby Cobras said...

"I am a viking" fucking rules HARD. this is true.

i'm realizing that there are some shredders i left out (jarzombek and lane, for example), keep your eyes peeled for another "shred" post in the future.

thanks, as always, for your insightful input, steven

Anonymous said...

Buckethead for the win.
I agree with Steven both on an emotional as well as on a rhetorical plateau.
Plus the bucket gimmick just wins me over, every time.

Anonymous said...