Sunday, November 22, 2009


Talk about an impressive debut album.
The first from Santa Cruz, California's Decrepit Birth, ...And Time Begins, is an absolute, non-stop, pummeling declaration of total war, from the opening drum fill to the nine minute closing track. Comprised of composer/guitarist/vocalist Matt Sotelo, lead vocalist/homeless weed farmer Bill Robinson, Vital Remains/Deprecated/Dying Fetus bassist Derek Boyer (who left to join Suffocation), and blast-fiend extraordinaire Tim Yeung (former skinsman for Hate Eternal), Decrepit Birth was the perfect blend of death metal star power and small-town hessianism -- and it shows here.
By the release of their Cynic-y, overthought second release Diminishing Between Worlds, Decrepit Birth was back to only two original members (Sotelo and Robinson), absorbing three members from like-minded Santa Cruz/SF tech-metallers Odious Mortem. Which left Time Begins as something of a singularity, an amazing, flash-in-the-pan slab of utter brutality without precedent or equal. Plus, cover art by Dan Seagrave. So everybody wins.

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cory said...

these guys sucked so bad live.

Shelby Cobras said...

I went to see them live twice and they flaked both times. meant to mention that in the writeup.

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The album and everything in it is really good, and they suck live? I wonder if the ones playing the record are the same playing live. If you can't deliver Live what you deliver on a record then you are doomed, and better stay home.