Wednesday, September 22, 2010

FALL NON-MIXTAPE 2010: Now For Something Completely Different...

If you've been reading the blog for awhile, you are most likely already aware of the 'Don't Call It A Mixtape' series, an ongoing solstice ritual wherein yours truly creates a themed compilation for each approaching season. The first was for Winter of 2009, and in a typical show of creative entropy, the songs contained therein all pertained to "winter" or "snow" or "ice" somwehow. The second was created accordingly for Spring 2010, and featured songs of joy and happiness. The third, Summer 2010: RAP (I posted it on the wrong day, but no one noticed). So once again, the months have passed, and it is time now for another mixed bag of musical goodies. Fall has fallen. But how to celebrate?
I've decided to throw a curveball at you today, dear reader, a completely unrehearsed and spur-of-the-moment foray into an unknown realm. Since Fall is a time of sadness and despair, a time for things to wither and die, I've chosen to exploit the grimmest and most frostbitten form of music known to man--that's right, friends: in a completely unprecedented manuever, today's Non-Mixtape will be based on that forgotten sub-subgenre known as METAL.

Grinding, blasting, brutal, frog-croak-vocals METAL.

Treat today's mix as a 'Part 2' to the compilation I posted as part of my last 'Observations On The State of Modern Metal' if you will. This is a pretty accurate representation of what has been circulating in the ol' Cobras iPod as of late, and paired with the last compilation (direct link to that one HERE) paints a pretty decent picture of what I find interesting in the world of heavy metal in general these days.
As I also mentioned in the first 'Observations On The State of Modern Metal' post, my usual approach to this genre is one of derision and apprehension--NEW metal can and will never approach the "classics" of yore, why even bother with them? But lately, my attitude has changed tremendously. There are some really cool things happening in the realm of "modern" metal, and thanks to my metalhead friends and media outlets such as my new favorite music blog The Living Doorway (where much of the material on this compilation was lifted from), I have now come full circle and realized the benefits of staying abreast of such things. So yeah, here's some sick new shit that I like. I hope you do too.

One more thing while we're on the subject of new music. I urge you all to go over to Brother Schultz's blog Tokyo Damage Report and download anything and everything that is available over there. It might not ALL be "metal", per se, but Schultz's creations have been the padding between enormous chunks of generic death metal in my musical diet as of late, and the more I listen, the more I giggle. And think. And dream. (Quick link to all downloadable Schultz projects HERE. Mind-blowing stuff.)

But back to the unceasing torture of complete grinding audio domination:

1) LESBIAN - Black Forest Hamm
2) HUMAN REJECTION - Proceed To Terminal Isolate
3) FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE - Thru Our Scars (HATE those opera vocals? Good.)
4) IMPETUOUS RITUAL - Unhallowed Ascendance Into Impurity
5) PORKFARM - I Shall Hack
6) CEREBRAL INCUBATION - Slam-Induced Groovitoid Groovitis (Best Song Title 2010)
7) SKELETON OF GOD - Cerebral Vipers
8) ARKAIK - Reflections Within Dissonance
9) GOAT SEMEN - Goat Semen (from the album Goat Semen)
10) RECIPROCAL - Voice of Evil
11) DISEMBARKATION - In The Mouth of Madness (Rippin' Cynic worship. But not the shitty kind, like when Cynic worships themselves *ahem*Traced In Air*ahem*)
12) GOREVENT - Clubbing To Death (siiiick production, bro!)
13) SOREPTION - Suppressing The Mute
14) INQUISITION - Unholy Magic Attack (old, yes, but never enough Inquisition)
16) CORPSING - Infection of Unknown Origin
17) RINGS OF SATURN - Abducted (thanks, Thing)
18) SCHULTZ - Call Me Pinkbeard (gay-pirate hip-hop palate cleanser)

(1:19:39, 153.3 MB)


The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Good calls, one and all. The Living Doorway is pretty pretty good, I have to agree.

SEANFORD said...

you're welcome

Shelby Cobras said...

Editor's note: Seanford suggested I check out Goat Semen and Lesbian, originally. So yeah, let's all get out our washrags and make sure his balls are sparkling clean. Such groundbreaking achievements in the field of music-suggesting must NEVER go unacknowledged.

PS Sean you're welcome for the last 20 bands I suggested you check out too.

Manslaughter said...

Play nice boys.(lermo you manstrating or something?balls are sensitive today?) Everyone can share rad shit. Except for me. I just share kuckle sandwiches, to the 'taint.