Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Exterminator 3: Breakdancer Blitzkrieg

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What's a vigilante maniac supposed to do when he's already thrown all the crooked mafia rats into a meat grinder, barbecued all the vermin and cleaned up the filthy streets the only way he could with his own brand of justice!
These electric boogaloo motherfuckers are getting on his last nerve and he's got a major itch to scratch! It's time to load up the mercenary wagon with all kinds of assault weapons,pliers,brass knuckles and don't forget the blowtorch. A rarely seen if not even actually made sequel to the popular Cannon release/ James Glickenhaus grind house mega hit that took nobody by storm made right after the 2nd Exterminator in 85. It started the bizarre trend of people cooking hot dogs on their desk between two forks the way Christopher George did. Mr. George can do know wrong in my book anyone who's been in City of The Living Dead,Pieces and Enter the Ninja is a major bad ass. Bob Ginty sat this one out thankfully and in the John Eastland(Mr. Exterminator himself) role is none other than Robert Forster who licks his lips with glee as he burns the flesh and leotard material off the poor break dancers who are just there to have fun! What a fucking animal, holy shit! The final show down with Wrench(played by Julius Carry) the leader of the recreation center is the bloodiest battle ever caught on film like Blood feast meets Shogun Assassin!

Since no soundtrack was actually recorded enjoy this 45 single found at the bottom of the east river and unearthed in painstakingly precised mp3 form.
actually it's one epic song from Lone Wolf McQuade that has all the punch you could want in one track:


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