Friday, September 17, 2010


I dunno, man. But read THIS if you haven't already and then watch the opening bit from last night's Colbert Report:

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Dude, I love you Colbert. But from one SC to another: get the fuck off of IC's coattails. This one is between US and HAWKING, not YOU and HAWKING. Back off.


Crankenstien said...

That's what I was wondering when I saw it last night pretty sweet!

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Because I live in a gay third-world backwater, I cannot watch the video. Do I assume that Colbert's writers just steal all of their jokes from online sources that they figure only 160 people actually read?

SEANFORD said...

are we really up to 160?

colbert steals their ideas from NPR. who steal them from IC.

S. Colbert said...

Busted. Shelby, I want you on the show.