Thursday, September 23, 2010

7" of SATAN


Speaking of your favorite NWOBHM bands (and short attention spans), here is Satan’s 7” single for Kiss of Death (with Heads Will Roll on the b-side).

I think if I was trapped underground in some bizarre accident, I could survive on NWOBHM 7”s alone for weeks.

Newsflash: Last week Shelby wondered if Stephen Colbert reads IC. A few days latter I posted some sweet jams from Commodore 64 and a few days after that Colbert was making Commodore 64 jokes ON HIS SHOW. I wonder where he got that idea?

I’m going to try and fly out for his rally. I’m sure he’d be stoked to finally meet someone who writes for IC.


Nekromantis said...

I seem to give most listens to this Satan release. Great seven incher

Clint B said...

Fuck yeah.