Friday, June 18, 2010


(No Limit Records artwork from the 90's as interpreted by Illogical Contraption)

As some of you may remember, Manslaughter posted a psych-rock "Summer Mix" back here. But technically, TODAY is the first day of summer -- which is ironic, considering the thick layer of shitty fog currently blanketing the Bay Area. I posted a "Spring Non-Mixtape" right here and a "Winter Non-Mixtape" right here, let's welcome the season with a double-dose of ill jams this time around, culled in its entirety from the oft-neglected hip-hop genre. That's correct, my friends: there's no better soundtrack to summer fun cruising with the top down than the phat beats and dope rhymes you will find herein. 42 songs clocking in at two and a half hours, each volume carefully formatted to fit comfortably into the confines of the archaic "compact disc" medium. Not a "complete study" on rap music by any stretch of the imagination, but a pretty accurate cross-section of what Professor Cobras has been bumpin' lately. Enjoy Shit Witch or Die Frying, IllCon's guide to guns, money, and ho's.

VOLUME ONE (Shit Witch) (1:19:21, 117.9 MB)

1. KOOL KEITH - Intro
2. GZA - 4th Chamber
3. IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE and a bunch of other dudes - Peruvian Cocaine
4. BUSDRIVER - Neva Bite The Hand That Serves
5. AESOP ROCK - No Regrets
6. COMPANY FLOW - Collude/Interlude
7. MYSTIKAL - Unpredictable
8. GRAVEDIGGAZ - Constant Elevation
9. DR. OCTAGON - Blue Flowers
10. MR. LIF - Earthcrusher
11. PUBLIC ENEMY - You're Gonna Get Yours
12. CAPPADONNA - Splish Splash
13. LORD HAVE MERCY feat. D.V. alias KHRIST - Holy Water
14. ILLOGIC feat. AESOP ROCK - Time Capsule
15. ICE CUBE - How To Survive In South Central
16. DAS EFX - Straight Out The Sewer
18. CANIBUS - The Goetia (thanks abdul)
19. BUSTA RHYMES - Everything Remains Raw
20. KING TEE & E-SWIFT - Do Ya Like St. Ides?
21. GETO BOYS - Fuck 'Em
22. BLACK SHEEP - U Mean I'm Not


VOLUME TWO (Die Frying) (1:19:27, 104.3 MB)

1. THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. - Ten Crack Commandments (thanks RyGar)
2. MR. LIF - Live From The Plantation
3. DEAD PREZ - They Schools
4. AESOP ROCK - Big Bang
5. SON OF BAZERK - The Band Gets Swivey On The Wheels
6. ILLOGIC - Sand
8. GRAVEDIGGAZ - Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide
9. PUBLIC ENEMY - By The Time I Get To Arizona
10. THE WEATHERMEN - 10 Times
11. OL' DIRTY BASTARD - Protect Ya Neck II The Zoo
12. NWA - Straight Outta Compton
13. WORD A MOUTH - Famous Last Words
14. BUSDRIVER - Imaginary Places
15. KOOL KEITH - Make Up Your Mind
16. CANNIBAL OX - Raspberry Fields
17. THA ALKAHOLIKS - Only When I'm Drunk
18. ICE T - Lethal Weapon
19. GETO BOYS w/ ICE CUBE - 5th Ward/South Central Malt
20. CRISPIN HELLION GLOVER - Auto-Manipulator



The Ugfromumant said...

New burncruise material.

Awesome comp.

I'm pretty sure all the people I know whom are into rap would most likely have a lot more Lil Wayne and Chingi on their ill summer rap compilation. This kind of rap music is pretty much foreign to all but a select few here in the heart of Illinois. Nothin but paper gangsters. wonder when they will realize its almost impossible to be gangster when your surrounded by corn on all four sides.

Manslaughter said...

Guns, money and ho's. Just woke up from that dream. Will you upload Gravediggaz for me buddy? I need.

Shelby Cobras said...

Here ya go buddy:

6 Feet Deep ('94):

SEANFORD said...

that's what I like about shelby. ask and you shall receive.

pass out at his house and you might even receive in your sleep.