Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dexter Morgan is only the SECOND deadliest thing in Miami.....

The Bay Harbor Butcher? Pfft. Lightweight. I'm willing to bet that Miami, Florida's Shroud Eater have annihilated more people than Dexter's had hot gala luncheons.

I first came across this flesh-trident of METAL when i was asked to review their demo over at one of my other gigs, The Sleeping Shaman. I've reviewed a lot of ...meh...over there - y'know, 'stoner rock', 'post-rock' yawnsville ensembles, bands that never got over Iron Monkey, that whole thing - so i was totally unprepared to be quite so blown the FUCK away by them. I'm TELLING ya, this two-Jills-and-a-Jack band have got more and bigger balls than the London Welsh Male Voice Choir.
Think High On Fire playing Am Rep style noise-rock being driven along by a real-life fuckin' caveman, and frontwoman Jeannie Saiz has a set of pipes on her that would put Matt Pike to shame. Their debut 3 track EP just about rocked my damn face off, in fact you can read my unmitigated frothing-at-the-mouth style review HERE and see exactly how moist they got me.

Since I reviewed them, I'm proud to say that I've become kinda pally with Jeannie Saiz (Throat & Burning Metal Axe), Janette Valentine (Blower Bass) and Felipe Torres (Thunder Machine)via that modern wonder Facebook, and can honestly say that these are three of the most stand-up, rockin'est folks you could ever hope to meet.
Now, I've never been lucky enough to see 'em destroy faces live at close range, but you can find some footage up on their fancy-pants website and, because I loves ya, I've also added the video for their frankly SHIT-KICKING track 'We Are Beasts' right below below for your perusal and delectation. Don't say we never give you nuthin'...

Shroud Eater from Elephas Productions on Vimeo.

They just finished recording their debut full-length, and will soon be setting off on their first round of shows outside of Florida, taking in Georgia, North Carolina and ending up in New York, where they'll be playing with ex-Torche geetarist Juan Montoya's new ensemble MonstrO. The full list of dates is on the Shroud Eater MySpace page, just in case you feel the urge to go check 'em out. Which you TOTALLY should.

It ain't Fancy Metal, but it sure as shit gives me a boner. I love these gals and guy, and i want YOU to love 'em too. If you wanna get the EP, the first pressing is sold out right now, but there IS a second pressing due soon. Until then, you can download a widget, hoojamaflip, gizmo thang from their website, can get the three KICK-ASS tracks by clicking on the song titles here - We Are Beasts, Vesuvius, Cyclone.

These fine, upstanding metalheads are not currently gainfully employed by a label, but you just keep an eye on 'em, cuz I'm pretty damn sure they'll be snapped up soon enough and will be smashing even MORE skulls in all over the goddamn PLANET. Beat THAT Dexter Morgan.


Shelby Cobras said...

This shit is rocking my elderly ass.

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

I TOLD ya! They rock like FUCK.