Sunday, September 19, 2010


Septic flesh circa 1997

In continuance of IllCon's long-standing commitment to Grecian metal (ETC. ETC. ETC.), please enjoy the two earliest releases from Athens/Attica's own Septic Flesh: their 1991 demo Temple of The Lost Race (insert Indiana Jones joke here) and their first proper full-length, 1994's Mystic Places of Dawn. I don't usually go in for the whole atmospheric-doom-goth-death metal thing (My Dying Bride, Anathema, blah blah blah), but these fellas get a pass: their old shit has a distinctly solid early-death feel, and the cheesy keyboards are more 'sci-fi' than 'romance novel'. I dunno, Greece's national penchant for heart-on-thy-sleeve ESL earnestness in their metal might be a plus or a minus depending on your tastes, but either way, Septic Flesh kicked a fair amount of ass in their day, a sufficient amount of ass indeed for inclusion in the IC Pantheon. Light a candle, dust of your frilliest shirt, and enter the darkest and most poetic mosh pit with these two classics:


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Illogical Contraption has a long history of septic problems. Unearth more buried treasure here: SEPSISM. SEPTIC DEATH. Yum.

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Helm said...

Their best is ostensibly, Esoptron, but nearly every Septic Flesh record has a few gems in them. And although they're clearly children of Paradise Lost, nobody really can say they sounded like them when they were in their peak. Well, besides Horrified.