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THIS HOLLOW EARTH: The Shocking Truth About How Shapeshifting Reptilian Nazis From The Center Of The Planet Are Running Our World

The idea of subterranean caverns housing strange races, even strange worlds, is nothing new. From Jules Verne's 1864 classic Journey To The Center of the Earth to the tales of our old buddy Mr. Lovecraft to 2005's The Descent, pop culture (and the human imagination itself) has held a long fascination with what lies beneath the Earth's crust. Strange beasts, blind, gibbering humanoids, giant mushrooms... Dinosaurs? Sure, science can tell us exactly what's down there, but where's the fucking fun in that?
There are many different schools of thought regarding Hollow Earth Theory, the ancient, psuedoscientific, and semi-esoteric idea that our world is (at least to some degree) hollow, inhabitable, and possibly populated.

The "father" of modern Hollow Earth theory is widely considered to be John Cleves Symmes, Jr. (1779-1829), speculative geologist and U.S. Army Captain. Symmes postulated that the Earth was indeed hollow, housed within an 800 mile "shell". He hypothesized that there were two openings at each Pole where this interior could be accessed, and although an expedition to search for said openings was greenlit by John Quincy Adams, it was quickly foiled by Andrew Jackson, who succeeded Adams in the office of U.S. President. After a lifetime of research on the subject, Symmes was buried under a gravestone topped by a model representing a "Hollow Earth".
One Hollow Earth offshoot is the so-called "concave" Hollow Earth Theory, pioneered by nutcase physician Cyrus Teed. Teed proposed that mankind is actually living on the interior of an inside-out planet, with the Universe in the middle (see diagram, above right). I can't even began to mentally grapple with the physics of said theory, but I think I can dismiss it with one word: GRAVITY. But maybe I'm wrong.
Hordes of other conspiracy theorists, geologists, and religious fanatics have also developed their own versions of Hollow Earth Theory, from those who believe that the Ascended Masters are flying UFOs around inside Mt. Shasta to those who believed in an "internal sun" to the cryptic origins and odd studies of the Thule Society (more on them in a minute).
Hollow Earth and Christianity? Sure. Watch this: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Guatemala City, 2007: Entrance to The Hollow Earth or just a really big hole?

Above and below: Two more interpretations of Hollow Earth Theory, one positing that different areas within the Earth are connected to "Spirit Realms" (above) and another speculating on the Atlantis-Hollow Earth connection (below). Check out more about Atlantis, New Jerusalem, and 14-foot-tall, 900-year-old vegetarian giants floating around in zero gravity here.

But all of this wild speculation about giants, internal suns, ascended masters, and subterranean UFOs is cake to debunk, right? We know what lies below our feet. A couple layers of rock and a core of magma. Duh.
But think about it: The farthest we have actually, physically seen down into our Earth's crust is 7.6 miles, as a result of the Kola Superdeep Borehole Project. The Earth's diameter at the Equator is 7,926.28 miles. That leaves about 7910 miles that we have yet to explore. Who's to say there isn't a magical Agharta down there, chock full of T-Rexes frolicking side by side with multicolored hermaphroditic dwarfs (credit where it's due: the dwarves were a Hollow-Earth creation of the Italian author Giacomo Casanova in his 1,800-page 1788 adventure epic Icosaméron)? Imagine the possibilities...

(clicking for full size is recommended)

So let's just go out on a limb here and say that Hollow Earth IS a credible theory. Would life be sustainable down there? If so, what type?

For example, is Agharta full of giants? Yes. Mole people? Indeed. But I find the most fascinating theories to be those that involve REPTOIDS and/or REPTILIAN SHAPESHIFTERS. Sound crazy? Fuck you, the Los Angeles Times knew what was up as far back as 1934 (thanks to Peter for the link). Open your eyes, man. The reptoids are among us.

So now we shift gears a bit, changing focus from Hollow Earth theory to the Nazi Reptoid Conspiracy. Don't worry, we'll come back later.

Check out a partial list of good Hollow Earth reads here. There are insane amounts of Hollow Earth literature out there. Google it.

Alright then. Some of you might remember me writing about reptoids in the past. In addition, some of you might also remember the resulting trouble I got into for doing so. Reptilian eyes are watching me, my friends, but that won't stop me from uncovering the TRUTH as a service to my readership. Anthroposaurus sapiens is out there, controlling the government from the safety of their underground caves. Hell, they don't even need to hide in caves anymore, considering the advanced holographic disguises available to them.
Certainly, theories about our leaders being shapeshifting reptoids are nothing new. Neither are stories of those same leaders being involved in ritual murder and Satanic sex cults. George Bush Sr. was highly suspected of being a reptilian shapeshifter, as is our man Barack, and, well, just about anyone else in the public eye.
So let's do a couple quick little math problems here:


Theories that Hitler survived WWII and escaped to Antarctica are surprisingly popular. For example, the spiral-bound 1983 manuscript titled Serpents of Fire: German Secret Weapons and the Hitler/Hollow Earth Connection (right) laid things out in plenty of detail, as did 1996's Arktos: The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism, and Nazi Survival. You can read awesome articles about secret Nazi bases located in Antarctica online HERE and HERE. I highly recommend both.

"Far-fetched" you say? HA!
Ever heard of Operation Highjump? Beginning in 1946, The U.S. Navy sent 13 ships and almost 5,000 men to Antartica to "study conditions" there. The Operation was scheduled to last a year, but after 6 months it was quickly aborted. Why?
I dunno, what does Wikipedia say?

"Operation Highjump has become a topic among UFO conspiracy theorists, who claim it was a covert US military operation to conquer alleged secret underground Nazi facilities in Antarctica and capture the German Vril flying discs, or Thule mercury-powered spaceship prototypes." OK.

Watch a 20-minute short film about Operation Highjump here, here, and here. 80-second related clip here.

What do Cyrax and Flyrax think? (You should really watch this.)

Again, from Wikipedia: The Thule Society, which was well known by Adolf Hitler, reported much about Tibetan myths of openings into the Earth. There is even a theory that Hitler ordered a research journey for such an opening in Antarctica, based on a speech of Admiral Dönitz in front of a German submarine in 1944, when he claimed "The German submarine fleet is proud of having built an invisible fortification for the Führer, anywhere in the world." During the Nuremberg Trials, Dönitz spoke of "an invisible fortification, in midst of the eternal ice."

More on Reptilian Nazis: 'The Nazi-UFO Connection'.

It all seems pretty obvious to me.

Judging from our current world political climate, rampant wars, genocide, and bigotry, it's pretty safe to say that Nazis are somehow running the show. WWII was a sham, and a Zombie/Reptoid Hitler is still calling the shots from beneath the Polar Ice Cap. Through a global web of shapeshifting Reptoid impostors, The Nazi Party/Thule Society/Brotherhood of Death controls the populace, able to be anywhere, anytime courtesy of a huge network of underground passages at the center of the Earth.
There are no aliens. UFOs come from Antarctica, passing in and out of apertures cleverly disguised beneath clouds and ice.
Did I mention that both the North and South Poles are "no-fly zones"? Think about it.



Will Towles said...

Thank you for having the courage to see the truth.

chrisc said...

indeed my mind was blown.great and really fun read.i love all those conspiracy theory articles.more please!

Anonymous said...

where i once was blind...

Steven said...

I DIDN'T know the poles are no-fly-zones, curious.

I saw the tenuous connection with MKULTRA, an actual CIA mind control program that operated 50-60 years ago, in one of the links. That program has an interesting history/mythology, like the account of one of its top "researchers" killing an elephant by injecting the poor beast with liquid LSD.

Mister Booze said...

Holy Mary mother of God...

Mind = blown!

Anonymous said...

Mind blown indeed. Those articles you linked to are the first place I ever saw GI Gurdjieff mentioned alongside Hitler.
By the way, the lizard people might be closer to you than you think:

RyGar said...

I don't know if any video game nerds come around here, but I just played a really sweet Half Life 2 mod called "Dino D-Day" about Hitler creating Nazi dinos. Apparently it's being developed into a full game!

I did a search, but I still haven't seen anything about the TV series Dinotopia here. What gives?

RyGar said...

*forgot to link it. duh.

captcha "condum"

Helm said...

Besides the music stuff this is probably now my favorite Contraption post. You have outdone yourself, mr Cobras. Not only Reptoid Hitler, not only hollow earth theory but also page from Major Bummer comic book! If you haven't read the series, get them somewhere, hilarious disassembly of American superhero comics!

Now you see what inspires the proud Hellenic warriors of Kawir!

Shelby Cobras said...

Helm -
I would thank you for your compliment, but I refuse to interact with ALPHA CENTAURIAN SPIES!!!!!!

Mister Booze said...

Dear Lord, this just occurred to me: this explains global warming. Think about it. The polar caps are melting because the portal is opening. The portal to the center of the Earth, so that Reptilian Nazi armies can unleash their fury on the surface world.

Anonymous said...

interesting really disturbing.