Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Here's another blast from the collective California punk/HC past, the East Bay's Black Fork and their 20-minute epic Rock For Loot. I guess that in retrospect this album's main commercial selling point would be the fact that it was produced by Billie Joe from Green Day, but please don't hold that minor detail against it. This is some ass-kicking, fun-loving punk rock, fronted by one Robin Tussin, whose vitriolic, visceral vocal delivery raises these guys a couple notches above the rest of the pack. Reminds me of carefree days chugging malt liquor and taking five-hour road trips to see killer bands play free shows in Oakland warehouses. Good times.

A caveat: The original recording has a bunch of unrelated and seemingly random samples bundled at the end of the record, six full minutes of unnecessary jibber-jabber. I have uploaded both jibber-jabbery and jibber-jabber free versions below.

Download songs-only version HERE
Download songs-plus-samples version HERE
Purchase HERE

Black Fork on Myspace

Shitty video of Black Fork live in Cleveland at some point in the mid-90's:

And speaking of bands in the Bay Area...

Tuesday is the new Thursday, which was the old Friday!

DALTON. HAZZARD'S CURE (formerly Orb of Confusion). IRON WITCH (new band???). Music to slay dragons to.


Erik Del Tigre said...

You're kidding me--Black Fork? I still have their first album on cassette somewhere. Fuckin' high school flashback week on IC. I should see if I can dig some of that stuff up...

cory said...

Ironwitch is Dave from Hightower and two Mexican guys he found on Craigslist.

Anonymous said...

Double Feature Tuesdae? So is Hazzard's Cure or Iron Witch the other feature?

Anonymous said...

double feature refers to the djs spinning punk at the bar next door