Thursday, February 18, 2010

Final Warning

What set Final Warning apart from other hardcore bands of the period was the merging of heavy metal into their sound. Final Warning would combine these influences to become one of the early bands to break down the wall between punk and metal. It was Tom “Pig Champion” Roberts who discovered Final Warning’s punk-metal fusion in 1983, after the two bands shared a bill. Roberts was so taken that he offered to produce the band’s first (and only) full-length record for his modest but influential Fatal Erection label. FW is also featured on the Fatal Erection compilation “Drinking Is Great” with fellow kin E-13, Lockjaw, and Poison Idea.

FW never left the pacific Northwest, broke up in 1986, and reformed in the new millennium for a handful of shows …In June, 2007, a 16 song compact disc was released that featured all the band’s studio material and 11 songs recorded live in 1985 at the Starry Night in Portland, Oregon (where Final Warning opened for Mercyful Fate at their first U.S. concert).

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Shelby Cobras said...

Oh great. Now I'm going to be pogo-ing around my apartment all night, lip-synching lyrics to FW songs into a hairbrush. Thanks alot.

Camellia sinensis said...

Your welcome. Nice mental image of you on a pogo stick brushing your hair to the beat. Saludos!

Nekromantis said...

Great band though I think G.I.S.M. played in the same time even better or at least more "mental" punkmetal.

Camellia sinensis said...

Well Nekromantis, opinions are like orifices: everybody has some.


Kampai! Skål ! Prost! Na zdraví ! Cheers!

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