Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Ya gotta give it up for (above), "Your guide for music events in San Francisco Bay area". This is a website with an absolute dedication to nourishing the local music scene, committed whole-heartedly to both quality AND accuracy. These guys strive day and night to promote live entertainment in every way possible, keeping folks updated on important happenings in and around our beloved city by the bay. I can't say enough good stuff about this website. Pure professionalism. Promotion at its finest.

Case in point: their advertisement for the Dalton show that went down at Thee Knockout yesterday (below - thanks for the heads up, Cory).

Sure, they caught us from a weird angle, but I have to admit: we actually look pretty good in this picture.
Oh wait a minute. That's folk singer Karen Dalton. My bad. That's OK though, she is the first thing that pops up when you type "dalton" into a Google search. I mean, you have to actually type "dalton SF" into Google to get to our website, and, well... Shit, my fingers are exhausted from typing that last sentence.

These things can be forgiven. At least they provided a link to our (outdated) Myspace page, if nothing else. One out of two ain't bad. What's that? The Myspace link directs to alt-pop soul artist Micah Dalton? OK. That's cool. Honest mistake, LoudFarm. No offense taken.
Luckily, there's a Last.FM link as well... That sends you to a page for the 70's/80's Italian progrock band Dalton. Check these dudes out:


I must commend the tireless and thorough LoudFarm research team on their unprecedented promotional services. Without you, the residents of this fair city would be in a fog of confusion pertaining to live musical entertainment. Thanks for keeping the facts straight and the people informed!


Steven said...

"Ladies and gentlemen! Hailing from Italy and points beyond the grave, please welcome...."

Erik Del Tigre said...

Karen Dalton just blew the fucking roof off the Knockout.